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2019 Wide Smiles #10 Jul 22
Heatseeker, Good Lookin' Out, Foresight Apr 12
2018 Y2Y Weekender: Protein / Embitter / Foresight / Incriminate Nov 15
Wide Smiles #6 Sep 6
NOTZ, Foresight, Protein, Dregs, Odd Man Out Jun 30
Vicious X Reality, Regres Apr 15
The Lowest Mar 24
2017 PROTEIN Nov 2
Vicious X Reality Mar 11
2016 Domain, Vicious Irene, True Vision, Insist Aug 24
What's Left of the Sun, Escapism Aug 19
Limp Blitzkrieg, Spirits Jul 25
Fertile Hump, The Stubs Apr 23
Viva Belgrado, Shame Apr 15
W Kilku Słowach Final Show Apr 9
2015 Eye For An Eye Final Show Nov 21
Regres, Bane Nov 19
Trial Aug 2
Burning Sky, Castet, Spirits May 4
Bright Light, Vicious X Reality, Heatseeker Feb 22
2014 Vicious X Reality, Watching Me Fall Jun 13
The Dog, Marksman, W Kilku Słowach, The Lowest Jun 10
2013 Good Lookin Out, Minority Dec 5
Regres, Mindset Jan 1
2012 Fluff Fest 2013 - Get Wise Nov 25
Light Up, Holy Jul 21
Unveil, Run With The Hunted Jul 16
[footage lost] Inherit, Last Dayz, Minority Jun 11
[footage lost] Backtrack, No Turning Back, Broken Teeth Apr 21
[footage lost] Hartal Apr 17
[footage lost] Cold World, Blindside, Abolition, Inherit Apr 15
[footage lost] Rotting Out, Cruel Hand, Bane Mar 27
[footage lost] Truth Inside, Currahee Mar 26
[footage lost] The Carrier Mar 14
[footage lost] Bane, Cruel Hand, Broken Teeth, Breaking Point, Survival, Iron Curtain Mar 11
[footage lost] Foreseen, Upright Feb 15
[footage lost] Woodlawn, Iron To Gold Feb 13
[footage lost] Outbreak Fest 2012 - Harms Way, Brutality Will Prevail, Broken Teeth, Guilty, Wayfarer, Frustration, Iron X Curtain, Breaking X Point, Splitcase Jan 8
2011 [footage lost] Regres, Vicious Reality, Outbound, Thug Life, Work For It, Iron To Gold Dec 3
[footage lost] Burst In, Regres, Thug Life, Cymeon X Nov 26
[footage lost] Hard To Breathe, Double Vision, Deathrow, Last Believer Sep 25
[footage lost] Anchor, Trial Sep 19
[footage lost] Regres, Vicious Reality, Outbound, Thug Life, Work For It, Iron To Gold Sep 18
[footage lost] No Turning Back May 15
[footage lost] Get Out!, Sick Shit Apr 30
[footage lost] Whale Heart Music Mar 22
2010 [footage lost] ZXRX Final Show Dec 18
[footage lost] PAIN RUNS DEEP Nov 12
[footage lost] Trapped Under Ice, Bane Nov 6
[footage lost] Nothing Between Us, Broken Teeth, Ceremony Oct 3
[footage lost] Last Dayz, Just Went Black Aug 31
[footage lost] Right Idea Jul 27
[footage lost] Bloodshed Remains, Abhorrence, First Blood Jul 20
[footage lost] More Than Life, Dead Swans, Defeater May 14
[footage lost] Nice Shoes Release Show May 10
[footage lost] Stone Heart, Never Again, Stay Hungry Apr 8
[footage lost] Vengance Today, Never Come Back, Anchors Aweigh Apr 7
[footage lost] Born To Lose Mar 4
[footage lost] Regres, Rise & Fall, Trapped Under Ice Feb 1

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