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2016 Domain, Vicious Irene, True Vision, Insist Aug 24
Limp Blitzkrieg, Spirits Jul 25
Fertile Hump, The Stubs Apr 23
Viva Belgrado, Shame Apr 15
W Kilku Słowach Final Show Apr 9
2015 Eye For An Eye Final Show Nov 21
Regres, Bane Nov 19
Trial Aug 2
Burning Sky, Castet, Spirits May 4
Bright Light, Vicious X Reality, Heatseeker Feb 22
2014 Vicious X Reality, Watching Me Fall Jun 13
The Dog, Marksman, W Kilku Słowach, The Lowest Jun 10
2013 Good Lookin Out, Minority Dec 5
Regres, Mindset Jan 1
2012 Fluff Fest 2013 - Get Wise Nov 25
Light Up, Holy Jul 21
Unveil, Run With The Hunted Jul 16
[footage lost] Inherit, Last Dayz, Minority Jun 11
[footage lost] Backtrack, No Turning Back, Broken Teeth Apr 21
[footage lost] Hartal Apr 17
[footage lost] Cold World, Blindside, Abolition, Inherit Apr 15
[footage lost] Rotting Out, Cruel Hand, Bane Mar 27
[footage lost] Truth Inside, Currahee Mar 26
[footage lost] The Carrier Mar 14
[footage lost] Bane, Cruel Hand, Broken Teeth, Breaking Point, Survival, Iron Curtain Mar 11
[footage lost] Foreseen, Upright Feb 15
[footage lost] Woodlawn, Iron To Gold Feb 13
[footage lost] Outbreak Fest 2012 - Harms Way, Brutality Will Prevail, Broken Teeth, Guilty, Wayfarer, Frustration, Iron X Curtain, Breaking X Point, Splitcase Jan 8
2011 [footage lost] Regres, Vicious Reality, Outbound, Thug Life, Work For It, Iron To Gold Dec 3
[footage lost] Burst In, Regres, Thug Life, Cymeon X Nov 26
[footage lost] Hard To Breathe, Double Vision, Deathrow, Last Believer Sep 25
[footage lost] Anchor, Trial Sep 19
[footage lost] Regres, Vicious Reality, Outbound, Thug Life, Work For It, Iron To Gold Sep 18
[footage lost] No Turning Back May 15
[footage lost] Get Out!, Sick Shit Apr 30
[footage lost] Whale Heart Music Mar 22
2010 [footage lost] ZXRX Final Show Dec 18
[footage lost] PAIN RUNS DEEP Nov 12
[footage lost] Trapped Under Ice, Bane Nov 6
[footage lost] Nothing Between Us, Broken Teeth, Ceremony Oct 3
[footage lost] Last Dayz, Just Went Black Aug 31
[footage lost] Right Idea Jul 27
[footage lost] Bloodshed Remains, Abhorrence, First Blood Jul 20
[footage lost] More Than Life, Dead Swans, Defeater May 14
[footage lost] Nice Shoes Release Show May 10
[footage lost] Stone Heart, Never Again, Stay Hungry Apr 8
[footage lost] Vengance Today, Never Come Back, Anchors Aweigh Apr 7
[footage lost] Born To Lose Mar 4
[footage lost] Regres, Rise & Fall, Trapped Under Ice Feb 1

Albums from 2009 - 2007 are gone forever